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Today (4/12/2010) I received info from the Miami FOP VP Javier Ortiz that Senate Bill 1902 and House Bill 1025 are dead and neither can be heard on the floor. SB 1902 would affect our pension and put a cap of 80% on how much you could retire with, regardless if you were in FRS or in our plan.
House Bill 1025 would have segregated our retirees from our active members when it comes to health insurance. In plain English: RETIREE OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES FOR HEALTH INSURANCE COULD HAVE BEEN DOUBLE THE CURRENT RATE!
I would like to commend the efforts of our lobbyists and especially the support of FOP President Armando Aguilar. Armando spent all last week walking the halls of Tallahassee in order to get commitments from public officials to go against these bills. I would also like to thank Tony Fontana (May he rest in peace) for giving us the tools and experience on how to beat those that try to maliciously attack our much earned benefits. Keep in mind that there are three more weeks of session and anything can happen. We will remain vigilant to assure that an amendment or amendments are not offered which would resurrect and give these bills or issues life.

I’m sure Miami IAFF587 reps were there also, but I didn’t get an update from them.
There is still a battle going on that could affect our benefits, in Tallahassee, Washington, DC and the City of Miami during this year.
Mark the date for the next Retired Fire and Police Association General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, June 23rd at 6:30PM at Piccadilly’s Cafeteria on Flagler St.

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