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Good Morning,

It appears that the agency that we hired to manage our 1% (?) money was compromised. They also handle the pensions plans for many local police and fire departments in the tri -county area.

With OUR information taken, the Haitian group filed for income tax returns and directed the money to be sent to Green Dot cards, a loadable debit card device that is mailed to their home or vacant property, etc. With the loaded cards, the bad guys and their underlings went to ATMs and did cash pulls on a regular basis, draining the cash. Bank United noticed the cash pulls and called USSS, a credit union also alerted USSS, hence the surveillance started. I know the USSS squad working the case and have been involved since the first call came in.

If Dale was victimized, this will cause a delay for him and Anita to get their tax refund; they will not suffer a direct loss of money. IRS (we all do) takes the loss.

I would recommend that who ever gets hit to go to any one of the credit reporting agencies and file a fraud alert. This is done on line. (,, and This is due to the the bad guys having our identities and they can apply for credit, change addresses and other terrible things. With the FREE credit alert, we will be notified if any one applies for credit under our names. IT IS FREE, DO NOT PAY FOR THE SERVICE FEES.

If Dale Files an ID Theft police report where he lives, the free credit monitoring, with the police case number is good for 7 years.

On the bright side, there has been one arrest made, others to follow.

Those who have not filed their income tax returns, do so ASAP.